Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, my journey began with a fervent desire to explore the world while refining my camera skills. As I traveled, I gained invaluable experiences that deepened my passion for visual storytelling.
My background comes from a Marketing degree at U.A.D.E. University, where I excelled and graduated with distinction, specializing in Advertising and Strategic Planning.
However, my insatiable curiosity for creative exploration led me to the captivating world of photography and filmmaking. Ever since, my life has revolved around crafting compelling visual narratives.
My vision is inspired by the fusion of vintage aesthetics with the boundless possibilities of the digital era, resulting in a fresh and distinctive style.
While I hesitate to confine myself to a single title, I prefer to be known as a visual creator, passionately dedicated to conveying powerful messages through diverse mediums.
In essence, my journey is one of discovery, creativity, and an unwavering pursuit of meaningful visual expression.
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